We are leaders in the transformation of physical spaces and the ideal technological partner

We support our clients throughout their digital transformation project offering the following services:


At HMY we do not limit ourselves to installing technological solutions, our consulting service is completely personalised for all our clients. We work to identify your needs and advise you on the digitisation strategy of your spaces that best guarantees the fulfilment of your objectives.


As important as having the most appropriate solution is to have a good communication strategy and content plays a leading role in that respect. At HMY we offer customised consulting with our technology and communication experts to design unique experiences and optimise the performance of the implemented solutions.

Personalised software.

Each project is unique, that is why at HMY we have our own team of developers dedicated to the development and testing of our own customised software according to the objectives established in the consulting phase.


In our constant search for innovation to keep us at the forefront of the market, at HMY we have a Tech Lab in which we test new technologies and hardware. In this way we discover all the possibilities offered by the different solutions and adapt them to the needs of our customers.

Customer Care.

At HMY we support brands and retailers throughout the project, therefore, we offer a free call centre that includes support services during installation, incident management with telephone assistance, remote technical assistance, warranty management with the manufacturer and replacement of equipment.

Project Management.

A single global contact that coordinates the project from the initial design to the deployment and maintenance phase to ensure that the objectives are met in terms of time, quality, costs and resources.